icon_skeleton2Dr. Kristen Cardamone’s experiences with ordinary, rushed patient care inspired her to open her practice, which is a cut above your typical pain practice. Her practice integrates traditional Western medicine with other holistic wellness approaches, which are all conservative and non-surgical. Dr. Cardamone specializes in the prevention and treatment of muscle, joint, back, neck and nerve pain. Her treatment success centers around a ‘one size does NOT fit all’ approach to keep her patients active, healthy, happy and in the least possible pain. Read More on This Article Here.

Our Approach To Treating Your Conditions

book-green Dr. Cardamone’s practice emphasizes a “whole person” approach of integrating traditional Western medicine management (epidural steroid injections, medications) with newer regenerative approaches, lifestyle changes and other healing traditions such as yoga, Tai Chi, or acupuncture to create individualized, patient-centered treatment plans.  You can expect excellence in patient care from Dr. Cardamone, who is an Osteopathic Physician, Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Fellowship trained in Sports Medicine and Interventional Spine Procedures.  

Dr. Cardamone is now a certified Advanced level “Master Class” physician in Perineural Injection Treatment which is a ground breaking treatment alternative for neuropathic pain. She is among a select group of physicians around the globe who have received this advanced training.

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